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Citrus Fruits

NB GrubHub Leaders

Jodi McGibbon Director NB GrubHub business lead sussex lions club in charge of food security programs

Jodi McGibbon

Business Lead

Karrie Bedford Registered Dietician and community food security leader NB GrubHub New Brunswick Food Security Program

Karrie Bedford, RD

Food Security Lead

Emily Nicholson Masters student at UNBF Forestry Program NB GrubHub Horticulture leader Sussex Lions Club

Emily Nicholson


Matthew Matt White Community Liaison for NB GrubHub and Meals On Wheels Leader at NB GrubHub New Brunswick Food Security program

Matt White

Community Liaison

Sussex Team

Lorraine Pollock Sussex Lions Den secretary, Kitchen Lead at NB GrubHub thursday community meal.

Lorraine Pollock

Lion's Den Kitchen Lead


Evan MacNeill

NBGH Kitchen Lead

Jesse Lynn Jenkins NB GrubHub Dining room Manager, music and events coordinator. Local Artist. Tattoo Expert. New Brunswick foo security program

Jesse Lynn Jenkins

Dining Room Manager

Natasha Anderson Food Lead NB GrubHub thursday community meals takeout tuesday NB GrubHub food security program

Natasha Anderson

Food Lead

We are currently supported by more than 100 volunteers and sponsors!!

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