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Here's the skinny on our project

The NB GrubHub is a new food security initiative being launched to ensure people have reasonable access to the food, education, and tools needed to gain food security in New Brunswick communities. This initiative is co-created & lead by Jodi McGibbon, an experienced business administrator and Karrie Bedford, a registered dietician and community food security leader. The executive team includes community liaison Matthew White, and Horticulturalist Emily Nicholson.

Our team is complemented by inputs from aligned community members & groups, local businesses, volunteers, host sites and government representatives. This plan engages existing community resources and aligns community food security efforts wherever possible while encouraging autonomy in each community to leverage local opportunities, talents, and agricultural inputs. This initiative provides support to ANY community member eager to learn how to be food secure.

Everyone needs to eat, but consistent access to healthy foods is dictated by income, ability, and convenience: we are launching a field to fork journey that ensures no one is left behind. Come bridge the gap between agriculture and your table: link the connection of what you eat with what you can grow.

"Instilling confidence to develop and manage your own food sources"

Healthy Food


“Challenging the typically dependent community food security measures by deploying a self-sustaining non-profit business model that ensures  all New Brunswickers have access to food security in a dignified way.” 


To align communities with the developing network of food security efforts across New Brunswick by collecting and actioning real data to support existing efforts, deploying solutions that elevate community resources, and encouraging food security through teaching. 

Community Service
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