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Grow food anywhere!

"Give a man a fish & he'll eat that day - but teach that man to fish & he'll eat every day!"

We get that most people do not have the space, time, knowledge, or resources to grow their own food large scale: but love the idea of growing what they can where they can. We're here to help. The NB GrubHub provides access to the skills and supplies you'll need to grow a micro garden anywhere.


Only have a deck? No problem - you can grow vertically in a 3'x3' space! Have room for some planters or raised beds? Awesome! How about a small hydroponic wall in your kitchen? You can literally grow fresh greens & herbs, some small plants & bushes anywhere. Let's talk!

Through a partnership with Sussex & Studholm Ag Society  #21, our Horticulturist Emily, and various community experts we are delivering classes and supports to ensure you can gain food independence on your terms.

Back yard gardens

Community Garden

Learn what you can grow where

The GrubHub gardens will provide members with hands on education about companion planting, zone appropriate foods, and square foot gardens. When you're ready to plant at home or in the co-op community garden we have you covered! Our developing CSA program helps you get going at home; and offers a buy back program so your extra produce can earn you income while helping others in the NB GrubHub network.


Dirt free growing 

Growing foods hydroponically has many benefits - including the ability to grow inside with less chance of mold or contamination from pests. Small or larger scale: we're excited to help you source your equipment and support your indoor food growing journey.


The NB GrubHub anticipates launching an educational and productive year-round hydroponic growing system to support CSA and local Agriculture fodder programs. 

Hydroponic Lettuce

Raised Beds & Pots

Growing Plants

Easy to move & manage

You can grow many foods in containers inside & outside with very little investment - let us show you how! We are here to support your journey from the moment you break ground right into the classes to cook your own produce. Join us on this field to fork journey - discover how easy and rewarding it can be to grow and store your own food.

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