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Bowl of Fruits

Community Food Smart Program

Vegetable Stand

$20 provides enough produce for
1 person for 1 month

Community Food Smart is a bulk food buying club for everyone keen on purchasing quality fruits and vegetables at affordable prices: sourced from local farmers when possible. 100% of contributed funds are spent each month on the produce order. Available produce changes month to month; the program administrator submits a bulk order from what's available.

Community Food Smart operates through a network of community partners who collect orders, provide volunteers, and distribute food baskets to their members each month. ​Together, these partners donate their time and effort to make each area's food buying club a success.

Members can place an order for
one or two fresh produce baskets a month.


1. Place your
order by the first Monday of every month if you've already agreed to a monthly subscription there is no need to place a new request each month. 

2. We MUST receive your bin & 
payment by the 2nd Monday of each month or you WILL NOT RECEIVE YOUR ORDER. No exceptions (we order only what's paid for).

e-transfer or make arrangements to pay at the club. 

3. Food is available for
pick up the third Monday of each month between 5:30 & 7:30pm at 58 Willow Court Sussex -> anything left past that time is donated back to the club at your loss. 

4. Each participant is responsible to provide their own food bin (such as the green bin from Superstore) OR PAY A $10 FEE so one can be provided.

5. Each participant is responsible to bring their CLEAN food bin to the club by the 2nd Monday of the month. Your bin will be numbered & returned to you filled up.

*We will be offering online & in person cooking classes to complement this program and help participants use their produce in tasty ways.

For more information on CFS, go to 

April food baskets will be ready for pick up Monday 17th between 5:30 & 7:30pm for those who have received a confirmation #

Do you have bin(s)?
One or Two baskes?
Repeat monthly?

Message Received, Thank you!

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